Alyssa McCray

Freelance Artist and Linguist

About Me
Who am I?
  • I'm Alyssa McCray, or GossArt1323. I grew up in the Pacific Northwest of the United States, where I plan to stay for most of my life. 
  • I'm currently pursuing a career path as a high school art teacher. Wish me luck!
  • I have a bachelor's degree in Linguistics, and it's my other passion next to art. I focus on Phonetics and Phonology, but have also done studies in Historical Linguistics. 
What are the current projects I'm working on?
  • I'm turning one of my friends' short stories into a comic! Check out the process: 
  • I'm making a series of Zodiac themed girls! Check it out in my "Zodiac Series" Gallery folder:
  • I also recently started an account on Ko-fi! Please consider tipping me there!
Why do I draw?
  • Someone asked me this recently. I draw because it feels right. Drawing allows me to process things, as well as create new things. I've been drawing since I was a kid, and I don't think I can live without it. 
  • I love creating new characters and stories! There are so many stories and worlds living in my head and I hope to bring them to others through my artwork.
Copyright and AI
Can you sell fanart?
  • All of my fanarts list the owners or creators of their content with them. I do not own rights to the characters or franchise, and thusly cannot sell the artwork.
  • I reserve the right to my fanarts as my creation, as long as I am not profiting from them. Please do not redistribute my art without permission.
Terms for AI & NFTs

AI is a fantastic tool that needs strict regulation.

  • My artwork is not to be used for training or creating AI programs.
  • My artwork is not to be added to any database used by generative AI.
  • My artwork is not to be involved in any way with generative AI or NFTs.
  • If you see my artwork being sold as an NFT, please report it as a scam/theft. 
  • Please stand up for other artists by lobbying for AI regulations. Help us protect our rights to keep art out of AI databases without our consent.
I'm planning a big overhaul for this website! Thanks for your patience as I remove old artworks, add new ones, reorganize files, and change my pages.