Alyssa McCray

Freelance Artist and Linguist

About Me
Who am I?
  • I'm Alyssa McCray, or GossArt1323. I grew up in the Pacific Northwest of the United States, where I plan to stay for most of my life. 
  • I'm a self taught artist, hoping to make my artistic and linguistic careers take off soon. I'm trying to write some comics in my free time!
  • I have a bachelor's degree in Linguistics, and it's my other passion next to art. I focus on Phonetics and Phonology, but have also done studies in Historical Linguistics and Language Acquisition. I've also studied a lot of Japanese. I'm looking to enter the linguistic job field, so please feel free to contact me about that as well as art!
What are the current projects I'm working on?
  • I'm hoping to write a comic soon, in between personal art projects and commissions. For a full list of the upcoming ten projects, view my deviantArt page: I frequently post my projects/commissions list there.
  • I recently relaunched my Patreon, and I'm using it to test the waters for making an online store! Please check it out and consider becoming my patron! You can get access to WIPs, sketches, sketch speedpaints, stickers, and other rewards!
  • I also recently started an account on Ko-fi! Please consider tipping me there!
Why do I draw?
  • Someone asked me this recently. I draw because it feels right. Drawing allows me to process things, as well as create new things. I love creating new characters and stories! I just really love to draw and create designs. 
Full Terms and Conditions for Commissions
I have the right to decline any commission, for any reason I see fit.
  • Reasons your commission may be declined: It’s content was too gory/violent/sexual; it did not adhere to the rest of the terms and conditions; it was too complicated for my current schedule; it had content that made me uncomfortable; it did not provide references; etc. Please contact me for more information.
  • Please answer all required fields in the commissions form, which are marked with asterisks. These include descriptions, references, and credit to the characters’ author. Without these fields, I cannot complete your commission.
Commission Info Summary

Will Draw:

  • OCs, fanart, real people (references required)
  • Humanoids, nekomimi, some furries (simpler designs prefered), simple backgrounds, props
  • Posters, advertisements, album artwork, character designs, character references, character sketch pages
  • Comic strips (see FAQ and contact me first)
  • Digital or traditional art (see FAQ)

Will Not Draw:

  • Extreme gore, violence, or sexual content (minor or subtle content OK)
  • Animals, mecha, guns (you don’t want me to, trust me; please see FAQ)
  • Anything discriminatory
  • Anything that makes me uncomfortable (for example, upside down crosses)
  • Tracer from Overwatch. Never again. Nope. I give up.


  • MUST pay up front! You can pay after you receive the first test sketch. For very large payments, you may pay half up front and half on completion before being sent the final files.
  • Right now I can only accept payment through PayPal. I know the fees have been changing lately, and if you have a problem with PayPal please contact me for other payment options.
  • I may consider trades, but not often. Feel free to ask!

For Commission Examples:

  • See this gallery folder:
  • Each commission option is shown/explained through the images in this gallery. 
  • If you still don't understand what the options mean, check the FAQ or contact me.
  • All prices are subject to change before approval. The estimated cost from this website may be inaccurate, especially if you add more than 4 characters, or have something very complicated that I may want to charge extra for. If we don’t both agree on a price, the commission will be canceled. If I run into a lot of problems along the way, or you ask me to redo a part multiple times, I may charge another fee. If I end up taking a very long time to complete the commission, I may discount your cost a bit. It’s up to discretion and negotiation. Each commission is different.
  • I will add the PayPal fee to your final cost. It’s usually around 0.50USD.
  • Please let me know if your commission has a deadline. This will add a fee if it's a rush job. Deadlines change the way I approach commissions, as well as whether or not I can accept them.
Negotiations and Time Schedules
  • There are always exceptions and negotiations to the rules! Some things that are under “Will Not Draw” can be negotiated! For example, I will not draw real guns, but I will draw Splatoon weapons and maybe some Sci-Fi style weapons. Please ask me before giving up hope!
  • Please be patient with me! Art is not like a 9-5 job where you complete your tasks every day. Art takes time, motivation, and focus. If a project that was commissioned after yours is done before yours, it probably has to do with my motivation levels, or the commissioner's timeline! Some days all I want to do is lineart, so I may work on many different projects’ lineart rather than finishing one project and then the next sequentially. If you feel like I'm ignoring your project, please contact me.
About Multiple Characters
  • The commission form on this website automatically calculates the price of adding multiple characters. 2nd character is +30%, 3rd is +70% and 4th is double the cost of your base commission type.  Each character after 4 will have an additional cost, ranging from 10-60USD depending on what type of commission it is and how many you add. Keep in mind, the more characters you add, the harder it is for me to work with, and the longer it will take to finish. The price will be negotiated before you pay. 
Commission Rules
About Will/ Will Not Draw Items
  • References are required for ALL commissions, excluding new designs.
  • I have “real people” listed, but please note that I am not the best at drawing real people. My style is definitely best suited for anime/cartoon/videogame OCs and fanart.
  • My backgrounds are not the strongest part of my art. If you want a complex background, or a background only piece, please allow extra time and lots of reworking, as well as possible additional fees.
  • I really will not draw upside down crosses. If your design has these, I will work with you to choose a different object, such as diamonds, stars, X's, etc.
Comic Commissions
  • Contact me about these before filling out a commission form! The price will greatly depend on the size and complexity of the comics. A 4 panel strip will be much cheaper than a full page.
  • Current maximum page limit for comics: 3 pages colour, 5 pages black and white.
  • Prices will range from 20-60$ per page, depending on complexity, colour choice, and comic length. There will be a lot of negotiation about the price and a lot of sketches for approval. 
Traditional Art Commissions
  • Right now, I’d prefer most of my commissions to be digital. I will also take traditional commissions, which can be anything from sketches to greyscale ink to full colour in Copic Markers and/or Watercolour paint. Please be aware that I do not have a high quality scanner right now. If you want a digital copy of a traditional commission, let me know ahead of time so I can find a good place to scan the artwork. If you want the original copy, I will mail it to you. Your price will then include shipping and handling. Traditional artworks may have an extra fee, if I will have to buy the materials for them.
  • To order a Traditional Commission, please fill out the commission form as normal, but under the Paper Size please choose other, and under the Character Commission in the field Other, please write “Traditional.” You may also fill in other details, such as sketch, copic markers, watercolours, the type/size of paper desired, and whether or not you want the original piece (extra cost + shipping).
Commission Options Explained
  • Paper Size
    • Makes no difference in price, unless you are asking for something very large, or if you order a traditional commission.
  • Type
    • Chibis are full body and flat colouring for. Chibis cannot have other colour options, except you may add simple gradient shading for 3USD. Multiple Character pricing applies.
    • Sketches can be monochrome or colour, and any character size. 
    • Lineart can be left as a transparent PNG, or on a white or coloured background. Lineart may be filled in a solid colour against a white, transparent, or coloured background as well. 
    • Flats are solid colours with no shading. For 1USD I will add simple blush to the character's skin. You may choose to leave the eyes as plain flat colours, or I can do simple shading on them. 
    • Full Colour: My art ranges from cell shaded to a semi-painted style. If there is a particular style you want, be sure to contact me about it. 
  • Lineart
    • Black Lineart and Single Colour Lineart are both free if you choose a commission Type that includes lineart (i.e. this doesn't apply to sketches). Traditional lineart will always be black. 
    • Full Coloured Lineart means choosing line colours that blend the lineart into the colouring more, creating a softer look. This requires an extra fee.
  • Character Size
    • Headshot, Halfbody, or Fullbody options have set prices.
  • Number of Characters
    • Please see Multiple Characters section above, under the Terms and Conditions section.
    • Be sure to contact me if you want more than 4 characters.
  • Background
    • Transparent, white, solid colour, and gradient backgrounds are free. You can choose a white border between the lineart and the background or not (applies to all background options).
    • Simple backgrounds would be patterns, simple shapes, stock images, etc. 
    • Complex backgrounds would be detailed drawings of rooms, landscapes, other settings.
    • The boundary between simple and complex backgrounds is a slippery slope. For example, props like furniture could belong in either category, but that depends on if it's just a chair or includes a whole room. If you're unsure, choose complex and be sure to write a detailed description of what you want. I will change the price accordingly, until we both agree on it.
  • Safe
    • I've added a fee for NSFW work, as I'd like to be better known for safe work than other sorts. If you want both a safe and NSFW version, contact me. The cost will likely be the same as if you've added a second character.
  • Character Info
    • Only the Characters field is marked as required, but the other info REALLY helps me make the commisison. 
    • Be sure to fill in the Other section with anything that might be important, especially concept ideas for the commission.
  • References
    • References are required, unless the commission is for a new design. Pose and Background references are not required, but they can be helpful if you have specific ideas. You can draw these yourself, look for images with similar ideas, etc.