Alyssa McCray

Freelance Artist and Linguist

About Me
Who am I?
  • I'm Alyssa McCray, or GossArt1323. I grew up in the Pacific Northwest of the United States, where I plan to stay for most of my life. 
  • I'm a self taught freelance artist! I'm currently expanding my freelancing career. My favourite things to draw are Manga-inspired characters. I love designing characters and outfits, and I also love drawing mermaids, angel/demon characters, glowy things, and sparkles!
  • I have a bachelor's degree in Linguistics, and it's my other passion next to art. I focus on Phonetics and Phonology, but have also done studies in Historical Linguistics and Language Acquisition. I've also studied a lot of Japanese. I'm looking to enter the linguistic job field, so please feel free to contact me about that as well as art!
What are the current projects I'm working on?
  • I'm making a series of Zodiac themed girls! Check it out in my "Zodiac Series" Gallery folder:
  • I'm hoping to write a comic soon, in between personal art projects and commissions. 
  • I'm on Patreon, and I'm starting to put some products in my online store! Please check it out and consider becoming my patron! You can get access to WIPs, sketches, sketch speedpaints, stickers, and other rewards!
  • I also recently started an account on Ko-fi! Please consider tipping me there!
Why do I draw?
  • Someone asked me this recently. I draw because it feels right. Drawing allows me to process things, as well as create new things. I love creating new characters and stories! I just really love to draw and create designs. I draw because I love it. If I don't draw, I feel wrong and restless that day. I've been drawing since I was a kid, and I don't think I can live without it. 
Conditions for Commissions
I have the right to decline any commission, for any reason.
  • Reasons your commission may be declined: Its content did not adhere to the rest of the terms and conditions; it was too complicated for my current schedule; it had content that made me uncomfortable; it did not provide references; etc. Please contact me for more information.
  • Please answer all required fields in the commissions form, which are marked with asterisks. These include descriptions, references, and credit to the characters’ author. Without these fields, I cannot complete your commission.
Artwork Rights
  • I will own copyright to the finished artwork, unless we have previously discussed and agreed upon you owning the artwork (for example, logos and advertising). 
  • I have the right to post Work-in-Progress images, final images, and videos of the art process on any or all of my social media accounts. 
  • I have the right to sell the original copy of the artwork as well as digital and physical copies of the artwork.
  • I have the right to sell different versions of the artwork, such as alternative colours, colouring page versions, etc; unless previousy discussed. 
  • Credit to the original creator for the art context is required. For example, if you are comissioning fanart, you must give me information about the series so I can credit its creator(s). 
  • You can only post the finished piece of artwork on your own social media if I have previously given you permission. Any artwork you post must mention either Alyssa McCray Art or GossArt1323 as the artist and must include a link to my website or other social media account. 
  • You can only print the artwork for personal use unless otherwise agreed upon. 
  • You may not sell, distribute, or publish my artwork or traces of my artwork unless otherwise agreed upon. 
  • If you have specific circumstances, or questions regarding this, please feel to contact me!
Commission Terms

Will Draw:

  • OCs, fanart, real people (references required)
  • Humanoids, nekomimi, furries, some animals
  • Backgrounds and props will depend on complexity and negotiating. 
  • Posters, advertisements, album artwork, character designs, character references, character sketch pages, logos, website banners, etc. 
  • Comic strips (see FAQ and contact me first)
  • Digital or traditional art (traditional art options will depend on availability and materials I have).

Will Not Draw:

  • Extreme gore or violence.
  • Extreme sexual content.
  • Mecha, guns (Splatoon weapons OK, some other kinds of weapons OK).
  • Anything discriminatory or hateful to specific peoples/groups of any kind.
  • Anything that makes me uncomfortable (for example: upside down crosses)
  • Tracer from Overwatch. Never again. Nope. Don't even ask. 


  • MUST pay up front! You can pay after you receive the first test sketch (unless you are getting a sketch commission). For very large payments, you may pay half up front and half on completion before being sent the final files.
  • Right now I can only accept payment through PayPal. I know the service fees have been changing lately, and if you have a problem with PayPal please contact me for other payment options.
  • I may consider trades, but not often. Feel free to ask!

For Commission Examples:

  • See this gallery folder:
  • Each commission option is shown/explained through the images in this gallery. 
  • If you still don't understand what the options mean, check the FAQ or contact me.
  • All prices are subject to change before approval. The estimated cost from this website may be inaccurate, especially if you add more than 2 characters, or have something very complicated that I may want to charge extra for. If we don’t both agree on a price, the commission will be canceled. If I run into a lot of problems along the way, or you ask me to redo a part multiple times, I may charge another fee. It’s up to discretion and negotiation. Each commission is different.
  • I will add the PayPal fee to your final cost.
  • Please let me know if your commission has a deadline. This will add a fee if it's a rush job. Deadlines change the way I approach commissions, as well as whether or not I can accept them.
  • I will not start the commission process until we have BOTH agreed on the final price.
Negotiations and Time Schedules
  • There are always exceptions and negotiations to the rules! Some things that are under “Will Not Draw” can be negotiated! For example, I will not draw real guns, but I will draw Splatoon weapons and maybe some Sci-Fi style weapons. Also my character limit is set as 2, but feel free to contact me if you want something more. Please ask me before giving up hope!
  • Please be patient with me! Art is not like a 9-5 job where you complete your tasks every day. Art takes time, motivation, and focus. If you feel like I'm ignoring your project, please feel free to contact me about it. The important thing is both of us are pleased with the art experience!
Commissions FAQ
Comic Commissions
  • Contact me about these before filling out a commission form! You can contact me via the "contact" section of my website, or email me directly at You can also direct message me on any of my social media- twitter, instagram, patreon, etc. Links are on my website home page. 
  • The price will greatly depend on the size and complexity of the comics. A 4 panel strip will be much cheaper than a full page.
  • Current maximum page limit for comics: 3 pages colour/greyscale/screen tones, 5 pages black and white or lineart. 
  • Prices will range from 30-80$ per page, depending on complexity, colour choice, and comic length. There will be a lot of negotiation about the price and a lot of sketches for approval. 
"Will Not Draw" FAQ
  • I really will not draw most of this content. If you have questions, by all means contact me. If I have problems with a design, I will tell you. If your content creates upside down crosses or other images that make me uncomfortable, I will suggest something like diamonds, stars, X's, etc. 
Wardrobe/Character Design
  • The base price for this is listed as $60 on the commissions form page. This price can vary greatly depending on the level of compexity as well as quantity of images you need for the artwork. We will discuss this in detail via email once you have filled out the commission form. 
  • Character Design: You will have rights to own the character, do what you want with them. However, I will retain the rights to the finished artwork unless we agree otherwise. Character design will include a Color Pallet, a picture of the character, and details such as the design from different angles or extra outfits etc. What I include is up to you. 
  • Wardrobe Design: You will have rights to use the outfits for whatever you choose. However, I will retain the rights to the finished artwork unless we agree otherwise. Wardrobe design can include a character or "manequin" or just images of the outfits. If you choose a character, please note that may change pricing. Number of outfits and complexity of outfits may also impact pricing. 
  • We will always discuss the options and what you want before we settle on pricing! If you have questions, please ask! 
  • Solid colour, gradient, and transparent backgrounds are all free of charge. You can suggest a particular colour background, or leave it up to my artistic discretion. 
  • Simple background may be anything such as a bit of scenery, a few props, a pattern, or stock image you provide.
  • A normal background is anything that fills in the whole page behind the character.
  • A complicated background will have lots of details or lots of objects. If the background you want sounds like it will take a large portion of my time, I will let you know. We can discuss ways to make it a "normal" background instead if you need to. 
Why is there a fee for NSFW?
  • Most of the websites for social media I use don't allow me to post NSFW artworks to them. This means I can't gain a following via that work. On some sites, I have a secondary 18+ account, but it usually has less followers. I don't get as many views for NSFW artworks, and my business doesn't grow from it. 
  • I'd rather keep my artwork appropriate to post on this website and other social media accounts. Adding a fee is my way of encouraging SFW commissions instead of NSFW ones.